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"This webinar is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! If you've ever thought of building a course, you won't want to miss this!"
Create Your Own Course: A Blueprint for Success
I'll show you exactly how to make more money online by selling courses and fill your pipeline with buyers that want to buy more... without wasting time with trial-and-error
  • Create Your Course - The step-by-step guide to taking it live
  • Marketing Strategies - Six strategies to sell your course
  • JV Partner 101 - In this webinar I will show you what your JV partners want, how to find them, and tips to maximize their success
  • ...and more!
What You Will Learn On This Webinar...

  • Secret #1: You can create your course in a week ! I'll show you...

  • Secret #2: Most of your students will need help implementing what you teach in your course (perfect upsell opportunity)

  • Secret #3:
    If you follow my "golden questions" plan, you will be giving your customers EXACTLY what they want before you even create your course!