Introducing: The Stay Humble Hustle Hard Daily Planner
Time will control your life or you will control how you spend your time. My planner was designed so that you keep your family healthy while aggressively pursuing your goals.
Imagine your life as a wheel, and your wheel has five "spokes" - family, health, spiritual health, self-development and career. If all five areas are not all at 100%, that wheel turns into a bumpy ride. There is no room for failure in any of the core areas of your life! Each core area is accounted for and given their own space in your weekly goals. You have to own each area of your life and work to grow in each area, or you will not reach the level of success or happiness you're capable of. 
You should spend at least twenty minutes planning out your weekEvery day is an opportunity, so don't waste it. I've setup each day with a time-blocking planner on one side, and your own journal on the other. Use the time blocker to set aside time for your most important activities, and use the other side to write out your goals, reminders, tasks and what you're grateful for. 

I write down the Scripture for the day during my morning devotionals that I read before I start work, but you can fill that out anytime during the day...but don't forsake your daily Bible reading. If all else fails in your life, or you feel too busy for the Bible, that's when you know you need it the most.  
This planner was designed for you. I know you're busy, but you need to take control of your time or else it will take control of you. Set aside time for your spouse, your children, your Bible reading, your spiritual health and your self-development. You can do it! 

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