Finally! A One-Stop-Shop For Insurance Agents To Learn Everything They Need To Know About Online Marketing.

Finally! A One-Stop-Shop For Insurance Agents To Learn Everything They Need To Know About Online Marketing.

 Stop relying on buying the same leads everyone else is!

 Stop relying on referrals for your next sale!

 Stop relying on the latest flashy marketing trend that some guru discovered!

I am tired of seeing insurance agents left in the dust - or worse – taken advantage of in this new technological world. Aren’t you? 

If I had to guess, you have probably blindly gave some expert marketer a couple of thousand dollars because they had a genius marketing idea, but it completely flopped and you didn’t get a single new client out of it (and of course they had a no refund policy)

It pains me to know that this has been the all too common story for insurance agents... so I decided to do something about it. 

 - Introducing -

 - Introducing -

The Insurance Agent Marketing Academy

It’s time for insurance agents like you to take your future into your hands by bringing your marketing efforts into the 21st century. 

To help you get there, I have created a marketing academy specifically for Insurance agents like yourself. I have been the go-to marketing coach for thousands of insurance agents across the country for the past few years. 

I decided it was time to release all of my experience, knowledge & expertise into this academy. In fact, this marketing academy is packed full with six different individual online courses that teach a certain marketing platform or strategy. 

Here’s the thing with my academy, it’s not filled with theoretical concepts that worked once for me, but are nearly impossible to create. 

Don’t you hate it when people say things like that?!? They got lucky once and then all of a sudden think they are some genius and sell a marketing course for a couple hundred bucks.

What a joke!

Here in my academy, that won’t be the experience you have. All of the strategies I teach you are proven strategies that have not only worked for me, but also for my insurance agents that hired my team to do their marketing for them. 

"I've been using Alex Branning and his team for online marketing and I gotta say I am really happy with their work so far to generate quality leads for my business. The customer service that Alex and his team bring to the table are exceptional!!"

- Karlo S., (Insurance Agent, San Diego, CA)



you’ll find six core sections:

These six courses are packed full of over-the-shoulder video trainings, step-by-step instructions, templates, copy & paste guides, and more! There won’t be any guessing on your end… we show you exactly how to do everything that we teach.

  • Facebook Ads 101 - This course includes everything you need to know about Facebook Ads. I walk you through the basics of creating, launching & managing an ad, but that’s not it. You will also receive updated strategies for 2019 and multiple technical training videos. This course will teach you how to easily launch a highly profitable Facebook Ad campaign. ($497 VALUE)
  • ​The Giveaway Funnel System - The Giveaway Funnel is my most popular marketing campaign I offer insurance agents. This consistently generates a massive amount of leads for my agents… and I decided to let you in on my secrets and learn how to do it yourself. This course will teach you how to create the funnel, launch the ads and set up the automated follow up that has turned my Giveaway Funnel System into a legendary marketing campaign copied by agents around the world. ($397 VALUE)
  • ​Video Domino - No matter what you sell, or who you were trying to reach, or where you are located… the Video Domino strategy will work to attract highly qualified leads that are prepared and excited to buy! In this course I lay out the exact steps to launch this marketing campaign, and the video scripts my copywriters created to help you generate leads for auto insurance, home insurance, final expense, recruiting agents to join your team – and more! ($97 VALUE)
  • ​Chatbot 101 - Do you have the ability to work 24/7? No? I didn’t think so. That’s why you need to take advantage of chatbots! Chatbots are automated Facebook messenger sequences that you program to walk your prospect through a guided conversation. This course will not only teach you how to use chatbots, but also will give you templates that you can import into your ManyChat account and start using right away! ($197 VALUE)
  • ​The Profile Funnel - This is one of my favorite “ninja” strategies that turns your Facebook personal profile into a lead machine by utilizing free tools and an easy-to-follow flow for your prospects. ($97 VALUE)
  • ​Video Marketing 101 - If you aren’t using video then you are completely missing out. This course walks you through all the steps of producing, editing and launching a video marketing campaign that will span YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more! We are also including 17 video ideas so you’re never wondering what to do next! ($97 VALUE)

Now, that’s way more than enough to get you started, but I am going to include an amazing bonus… just for joining my academy. 

BONUS: Insurance Super Agent Book

Insurance Super Agent Book

I recently released a book called “Insurance Super Agent” and this book has been “flying off of the shelves” since I launched it and I am going to give you a copy for free! 

So, what are you going to do?

So, what are you going to do?

are you going to keep doing what you have been doing: 

Buying saturated leads, relying on referrals & wasting $1,000's 
on a marketer that doesn’t really know what they are doing

Or, are you going to take your future into your own hands and see a real change happen?

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